Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Transit Ogre with a Nose Goblin

As you can see, our daughter has yet to be born, so I'm still riding the train to work everyday, surrounded by college kids and people such as the one depicted above.

Here are a couple of the new sketchcards I made the other day ( featuring the "Savage Dragon", and the "Batman from Zur-En-Arrh", in case you didn't know the characters). The colors look a little washed because the scanner doesn't always pick up color pencils when they're done lightly. I haven't added these to the blackmarker store as of yet because, well, no one has bought the other ones, so I'm not in too big of a rush.


Jeff Owens said...

These are awesome! You are a huge nerd! Both of these are sweet characters. I never sell much either. Random sentences forming a paragraph!

bradagenda said...

If you haven't watched the "Batman, the brave and the bold" cartoon's episode with the Batman from Zur-En-Arrh in it, then you should 'cause it's rad. Hell, watch all the episodes because it's an awesome show!