Monday, March 22, 2010


I toyed with the idea of the last panel saying, "... out of your mother's uterus...", but ultimately, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use the word 'VAG' in a comic.

Shannon's due date is tomorrow, and the special guest, Kennedy, has yet to make an appearance. However, Shannon has started to have lots of "practice" contractions and cramping; But, the real show hasn't started yet.

Of course, that could change at any SECOND... or not, who knows?


Tiffany said...

Get used to your daughter not will last until she is in her 20's at least!

Kelly said...

OMG HURRY Kennedy! I can't wait to meet you little one! <3 it!

Pablo said...

What no VAG label. You got to tag the vag...wait did i just say that.

bradagenda said...

That's a good idea, I am going to add that tag, Pablo.