Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Won't Pay for Her College

This  is easily the longest time I've gone without drawing a new "Epic Tales..." strip since I it began, although    it's sister comic, "RECORD HEAT", is still pluggin' along regularly. It's almost as if the thing that I get paid to do takes priority, huh?

BTW, "Epic Tales..." is gonna be black and white again for the foreseeable future. I think it helps distinguish it from "Record Heat" (sorta), and makes it easier and more cost effective for printing.

Here are some of the sketchcards I did for Phoenix Comicon, which I tabled at last weekend:
 Kamandi, probably my favorite Jack
Kirby work that I've read, so far.
 Finn, from the cartoon "Adventure Time"
 Jake, also from the cartoon "Adventure
 Tom Scioli's American Barbarian
 Einstein, the punk rock panda.
And finally, my weird, sorta collagie (sic) final project for my photoshop class. BTW, the robot figure is partially swiped from this pic by Jack Kirby;
Alrighty, then!

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