Thursday, January 12, 2012


Actually, I didn't even pay for my table (thanks, Shawn!), and I really wasn't expecting to sell giant shitloads of minicomics to people that were there to see Robert Kirkman or Rob Liefield, or just to get good deals on comics.  But, it's funnier if I bitch about stuff, right?

Meanwhile, here's some other stuff:

This is a drawing I did as a color study for an acrylic painting in my Color Theory class last semester, and ultimately abandoned (and did this instead). I do kinda like it on it's own, though.

And, here's a couple new sketchcards and I drew before the con, and then inked and colored 'em with color pencils.

And finally, a full page pinup of  Eric Esquivel's "Blackest Terror" character! I might do some more shading and stuff like that if I decide to put this in my portfolio later, but y'know, whatever.   

Okay, I'm spent.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

where has this cool Rom fan art been hiding from me all these months? good job on this i love Rom and you can never go wrong with killing skin heads.