Saturday, May 14, 2011

Never Forget!

It was Shannon's idea for me to draw this comic, and she's one of the only people I listen to when a strip is "pitched" to me; She's my wife (so I have to listen), but more than that, she's genuinely funny, and usually understands the kind of humor I'm going for.

Below are my last 2 projects of the semester for my 2D Computer Design class. Early in the semester, I was relying pretty heavily on using a tablet to create my projects in Adobe Illustrator. But, with these two images, I was trying to get more comfortable using the pen tool.

And, finally, here's a flyer I designed for a show we'll ("Might've Beens") be playing very soon. I'm excited about this show 'cause "The Fucking Cops" are pretty awesome, as are the other bands.


Brandon Huigens said...

Yes! Great new strip!

Jeff Owens said...

So good! I got pissed about that again a month or so ago. Total Bull$#!t.

bradagenda said...

Thanks, Brandon!

Jeff- Better or worse than the ending of BATTLESTAR, in your opinion?