Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oddities and Ends

If I wasn't so busy right now, I'd use these guys in an TMNT homage/parody minicomic that I wanna draw. I figure since Nickolodeon owns the turtles now and is planning a big push for the characters this year (with a new cartoon series, as well a live-action movie, in the works), it's as good a time as ever to retread the ground carved by such comics as "Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters" and "Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung Fu Kangaroos", amongst others, in the '80s-black 'n white-boom. But, I'll just have to put "Gentically Modified Punk Rock Pandas" on the backburner till I have a little more time.

Meanwhile, here's a couple pics of 2 charcoal drawings I did in my Drawing II class, one more finished than the other.

Additonally, if anyone reading this is interested, you can now download, for free, the 8-song EP of the band I'm in ("Might've Beens") at our bandcamp site, here!

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