Sunday, March 06, 2011


Hey there, internet-peoples!

Yep, I'm still alive, and still severly overburdened with schoolwork, but I somehow found the time to draw this comic (I even renewed the "" URL, so you know I'll always come back here, whenever I get a slight reprieve). I wish had the time to draw more comics, but it takes lot of time to do all weird assignments and art-shit for my classes, like this drawing I did in Illustrator for my 2D Computer Design course:

Alright, hopefully I'll get back to drawing strips regularly during the summer months, but who knows?


bradagenda said...

I just realized that I spelled "literally" with 2 T's in the comic today... but, I'm way too fuckin' tired to care.

Jeff Owens said...

I, too, dream about this power daily, for basically the exact same reasons!

Karen Barnes said...

Funny one Brad! Don't we all wish we had that superpower at sometime or another!