Sunday, December 19, 2010

Charting the Semester

I somehow managed to pass all my classes this semester ( with three "A"s and a "B", no less ) without having a nervous breakdown, so I made out a lot better than I expected I would! And, now that I'm on a break from school, I can actually eek out enough spare time to make marks on paper that won't be graded, and this strip's hiatus can finally end.

My last project for my Digital Arts class was to download and edit footage from the internet, combining them into a single piece of video. My idea was to combine examples of technology in old SciFi movies and T.V. shows against their modern counterparts. Here's my student project:

Finally, here's a drawing I completed while listening to an instructor babble on and on about one assignment or another:


christybridwell said...

Brad, that clip montage kicks ass.

bradagenda said...

Thanks, Christy!