Thursday, July 09, 2009

Parkway Wreck

If you wanna check out the band, there's both a Myspace page, and a website.

Derrick, if you see this strip, I just wanted to explain something about it to you;
You see, while it may appear that I accidentally drew you as playing bass left-handed, I actually did it on purpose. The image of you playing left handed is a clue to the reader that the comic takes place in a parallel universe, a universe very similar to the one we live in, except for the fact that you play bass left-handed, rather than with your right.

It's a subtle distinction, but one worth noting.


Derrick said...

a universe in which the practice space is much more clean too.

bradagenda said...

HA! Yeah, I was a little too lazy that day to draw all the junk on the floor!