Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Crossover Event

I swear to you, I'm not trying to make my daughter into a Tomboy or anything (not that that would be a problem for me); She's just taking an interest in the stuff I'm into, which just so happens to include some toys I've accumulated over the years, and floppy books with colorful pictures. And the fact that I watch  cartoons on a fairly regular basis is an easy hobby for her to relate to, as well.

In unrelated matters, I'm not a huge fan of Superman, but it's an obviously iconic character, and I don't remember ever really trying to draw him before. So, I gave it a shot...

I don't listen to as many podcasts as I did back when I worked at the glass shop, but one of the few I've kept up with is The Ink Panthers Show, which is hosted by the cartoonists Mike Dawson and Alex Robinson. I recently did a title card for one of their episodes (they haven't used it as of yet)...;

Lastly, I finally finished the black and white art for the "BroLoaf" 7" I was working on, and will be picking up my copy at the release show tonight.

Oh yeah, read RECORD HEAT every Monday (cross-promotion, yesssss)!

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