Saturday, September 24, 2011

Under Advisement

The constant anxiety of school tends to put me in a dour mood. I recently purchased an 11x17 scanner, so this is the first strip I've drawn on 11x14 Bristol board (which is considerably larger the 8.5x11 boards I normally work with); It's nice to have a little extra space to draw.

 Also, here is the cover to "Epic Tales..."#9, which I'll be sending to the printer in the next month or so.


Jeff Owens said...

Where did you find that scanner! I've been looking everywhere I go (that happens to have scanners) for a couple of years and only ever find the standard size. :(

Your comics are really good. Please don't stop making them!!

bradagenda said...

Actually, I just bought the scanner off of Amazon. It's a part of one of those all-in-one printers, but it was only, like, $15-20 more than a standalone 11x17 scanners, and I needed a new printer. Here's what I bought:

Thanks, but you need not worry, Jeff; as long as my hands are connected, I will always draw comics!