Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I don't know why, but for a long time, I'd come up with an idea for a strip, and then sit down to draw it, usually without any sort of thumbnails. Over the years, I've managed to screw up a lot of perfectly good premises for scenes and jokes using this method.But, after listening to various comedians talk about their processes on podcasts such as "The Nerdist", I decided it would make sense to write stuff down in my own version of a 'jokebook'. You'd think that sketching out ideas would come naturally to someone that draws so often, but for whatever reason, my thumbnails were usually relegated to planning out longer comic stories, or school art projects, rather than comic strips. Live and learn, I guess. Anyways, Here's the sketch for today's strip:

And here's another drawing from my sketchbook, this being a much more finished peice.

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leaner said...

I enjoy the sketchy look. Probably because that is about how I draw.

The other day my kids each sat down to draw a comic strip, having looked at a lot of lame comic books lately (lame, like Baby Huey ones) they decided it would be very easy to draw their own. They didn't even finish even one... Not sure where that story was going only that as they were attempting to draw them, I thought of you.