Friday, April 01, 2011


I happened to be going through one of my sketchbooks for school today, and came across the penciled page for this strip, which I'd somehow forgotten about. I've actually been done with the class for a couple of weeks, now.

At the last second, before the UPC 'zine thing up in Phoenix, I decided to go ahead and run off a few copies of "Epic Tales..."#8 since I already had the material put together. I only ended up printing 10 copies because, only a day or so earlier, I'd just printed a bunch of issues of #7 and was running low on cash.So, I'm out of #8 right now, but I'll have some more soon enough.
And finally, here's a couple of sketchcards I've made recently.

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Jeff Owens said...

Kirby Dot synchronicity!

Love the strip. I especially like how you made the third panel "hotter" by coloring the inks that reddish hue. Awesome choice.