Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take Aim!

Now that our daughter is 8 weeks old, she's "leveled up", and has gained some new abilities", like looking at us in the eyes, being able to hold up her head pretty well, smiling ( and not just because she has gas), and being alert and awake more and more often. All of which are awesome to see, but the latter development has made it much more difficult to draw this strip on a regular basis.
I'm not complaining or anything (well, publicly, anyhow); I just want it to be known I have a genuine excuse for living my life without thoroughly documenting it. Of course, no one was emailing me threatening letters and demanding that I return to my drawing board to crank out some scribbles, anyhow... but, my point remains!

In other non-news, if you're friends with me on Facebook, you've probably already seen these pics of Kennedy (which were taken by our friend, Kelly Lawson), but if not, here's my little girl;

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