Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tow Truck Drivers are Assholes

It case I didn't quite make it clear in the above comic, I was at work while the car wouldn't for Shannon, and in order to use Triple A, the cardholder ( which happens to be me, for the time being) has to be present.

Later, at the impound yard, the jerkoff informed us that he couldn't hold our car ransom, but he could send the charges to a collection agency and fuck up our credit. Regardless, we didn't pay him for the car because we did nothing to deserve being put in this situation ( and unbeknownst to him, whatever charges he was threatening to ruin our credit with would be minuscule in comparison to the amount of money we already owe in student loans!).

In other news, I should be photocopying that 9 page ( it went from 7 to 9 pages pretty quickly) Crimson Cloak story for "Free Comic Book Day" tomorrow night, and will probably be dropping off a stack of 'em Saturday morning, @ Samurai Comics. I'll probably only print up 25 or 30 of them, and soon after, I'll post the story online. Here's the image from the back cover;

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