Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

I've been working on another generic, Silver Age-type, superhero minicomic for "Free Comic Book Day"( since most kids don't wanna read a comic about a married dude in his late twenties, that has a infant daughter, and bitches about his job). It should be about 7 pages long once I'm through, and will, of course, be free of charge. I'll probably just run off a bunch of copies and drop 'em @ Samurai Comics, because I don't really have time to try to get every shop under the sun to carry them, what with having a newborn and all. Here's the cover image I just finished today:I get mixed reactions about the "pseudo-superhero" comics that I draw, now and then; I think some of the indy-comix people thoroughly dislike them because they're not downright parodies, which make fun of the genre. Instead, I try to write them pretty dry, and just try to let the ridiculousness of the stories and the needlessly redundant narration boxes serve as the humor. After all, I love reading Silver Age comics, and often times find them funnier than comics actually written to be comedic! So, I just try to have fun with them, and pay homage to the history.

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