Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ruining my best kept Secret

You might read this and say, "How does your dad NOT know about that if you've had a multitude of comics about smoking, and more importantly, why do you care?!?"

Well, my dad doesn't read my comic strip because the computers scare and confuse him, so anything I post on here is safe from his prying eyes. And, I don't really care whether or not he knows certain aspects of my personal life, but I don't wanna deal with the fallout; My father is a really strange man, and once he discovers something about me not to his liking, he'll focus on it and obsess about it, and eventually show up on my doorstep with pictures and graphs showing what cigarettes ( or whatever other subject he's deemed worthy of his concern) do to the human body...

All of which is a moot point to me, as of now!

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angel_lei2002 said...

OMGod, I'm practically pee'ing I'm laughing so hard!! HILARIOUS!!