Monday, November 24, 2008

Sin City

We left for Vegas last Friday morning, and spent the weekend there. Our friends, Mikey and Natti, got married, and the rest of us got broke. Viva Las 'fuckin' Vegas.


Brandon Huigens said...

My family took us there for Christmas one year when I was a kid. Here's how much I liked it:

I've never, ever been back.

Neumie said...

You were in Vegas? So was I! I was there with 2 friends for the Comedy Festival at Caesars. I used to live in Vegas, and I'm glad I don't anymore.

On another note, you should put project wonderful ad spaces on you site, that way I can buy some space.

bradagenda said...

Dude, Neumie, I can't even remember how to set up the html so I can sell my newer comics on the site; I am computer retarded!